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Eat well, move better & feel awesome

Finally it’s here! The book that we feel will change so many lives, because not only does our book teach your how to create your own diet plan, give you beginner, intermediate & advanced training plans for both at home and the gym. It also gives you tons of awesome recipes with the calorie and macro-nutrient breakdown & plenty of tips and myth busting.

However what we are most proud of is the ‘Feel Awesome’ section, where we teach you practical ways to find & maintain happiness and balance in your life. After all there is no point being in the shape of your life if you are unhappy.

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Eat WellFeel AwesomeNutrition
November 29, 2016

Christmas Survival Guide – Avoid fat gain!

With Christmas fast approaching a pair of socks from mum and slippers from gran is not all we are likely walk away with, many of us always will walk away…
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Feel AwesomeProduct Reviews
November 24, 2016

We Got Our Teeth Whitened With PhilipsZoom! #ad

I’ve personally been intrigued by teeth whitening for a while now but was always slightly worried based on the word ‘sensitivity’ that seems to have come up time and time…
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Feel AwesomeMove BetterTraining
October 30, 2016

Why you’re not building muscle!

  So if you've come straight over from the channel and seen the video that accompanies this post then you will have a pretty good idea where we're going with…
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Feel AwesomeProduct Reviews
October 28, 2016

My laser eye surgery experience

7 days ago I had laser eye surgery at the Focus clinic in London after hearing the results of my brothers laser eye surgery that he had 1 month before. His…
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Move BetterTraining
October 2, 2016

How To Workout As A Teenager.

Working out as a teenager There are lots of teenagers and young adults who want to change their bodies and get stronger, obviously many are not fully developed and their…
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Eat WellNutrition
September 26, 2016

Don’t make these mistakes when dieting

Don’t make these mistakes when dieting Dieting alone can be tough enough, especially when dieting for longer periods, so we want to make sure that we are getting the results…
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